About Blessingssands

Nadia Siddiqui

Blessingssands is a brainchild of Nadia Siddiqui. Nadia is known for her SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy) and guided meditations. She also conducts candle manifestation workshops. She has attained her qualifications in MACP ( Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology), SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy) , Reiki Master Teacher, Shamanic and Sufi ways, crystal therapy, access consciousness and guided meditations.

Nadia’s journey in meditations and holistic healing began when she set out on a personal venture towards self discovery five years ago. Exploring the intricacies of relationships and our energy bodies, Nadia recognized she had a special gift of intuition, healing and facilitation that could be a contribution towards anyone in need.

Nadia Siddiqui was born in an Arabian country and got her elementary education from UK boarding school then shifted to Canada for further studies and completed her Masters in Counselling Psychology in her later years along with her volunteer social work with a local hospital. She combines different tools and techniques to create customized therapy sessions for individuals, as she understands that everyone is unique and therefore the approach cannot be the same for all.

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